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Key Factors to Consider When Buying FPV Goggles

Investing in the perfect set of FPV goggles can take your drone piloting experience to the next level. There is no denying that the Australian market introduces high-tech gadgets every few months, but you can’t beat the power, versatility and efficacy of FVP Goggles.

Though prices may range from $100 to $600, make sure you do proper research and consider the factors to look for before making a huge investment.

In this article, we will unveil the key factors to remember before buying a stellar pair of FPV goggles.

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What are FPV Goggles?

These are potable screens that allow the FPV pilot view the video from their FPV quadcopter or drone camera in real-time. That’s why it is one of the best high-tech gadgets of 2023.

The best part is that these goggles come with in-built LCD screens and antennas just like Virtual Reality goggles to help you view the video. They are available in multiple sizes and offer great features to match the drone capturing experience.


Key Factors to Consider Before Investing

Below are some of the important things to keep in mind when searching for the right pair of FPV goggles.


1. Check for Resolution and Field of View

According to experts, it is always good for the higher resolution gadgets as it promotes clearer, high-quality and sharper image.

On the other hand, Field of View (FOV) is the open and observable area that allows you to see through your eyes or a camera. It is the maximum area the camera can capture.

In Canberra, ACT, Australia, most technology driven FPV Goggles have a resolution 1080 p and a field of view is around 140 degrees or more. Make sure you keep the drone rules in mind when flying in Canberra, Gold Coast, Sydney or any other part of Australia.


2. Latency is an Important Feature

It is completely your decision when it comes to choosing between analogue and digital transmission systems. However, it is important to consider latency.

It is the actual time the video signal takes to travel from the drone to your goggles. You can invest in a gadget with low latency to capture racing and other faced-paced sports or activities.

On the other hand, high latency complicates the drone management system.

It is good to opt for the FPV goggles with a latency of less than 25 milliseconds.


3. Display Type

LCOS, LCD and OLED are three major types of image display technology in FPV goggles. LCD is considered as the lowest quality while the OLED is the highest one. Whether you want to make your classroom smarter or want to upscale your drone experience, keep the display type in mind before making a gadget buying decision.

It is good to invest in the OLED display type to get high-quality video with accurate colours and depth.


4. Check for Batter Life

However, the durability of your goggles largely depends on personal usage. If you are not using it professionally, you may be able to run it for a few hours out of a single charge.

However, if you are capturing racing or any other sports, you will need the FPV goggles with a powerful battery.

You can also contact the tech assistance providers in Canberra to know more about new-age gadgets, such as drones, etc.


These are some important aspects to consider when buying your first FPV goggles to enhance your drone experience.

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